Education Overview

At Kidstown we strive to provide an environment that will facilitate the development of self-esteem, confidence, independence, and an interest in learning for all children. This involves providing an atmosphere that is warm, accepting and welcoming to both children and visiting adults.

We encourage children to:

  • Take an interest (Exploration)
  • Communicate with others (Communication)
  • Persist with difficulty (Well-being)
  • Be involved (Contribution/Belonging)
  • Take responsibility (Belonging)

Kidstown provides a child-centered learning developmental program. The program is based on observing children on a regular basis, evaluating their needs, and planning activities from these observations. Each child will be guided to develop at an individual pace according to his or her unique individual way of learning. Programs are evaluated on a regular basis and are founded on the guiding principles of New Zealand early childhood curriculum, Te Whaariki, and Quality in Action. Our practice is strongly inspired by the RIE philosophy developed by Dr.Emipikler; The Reggio Emillia philosophy and Te Whaariki.

The Centre is divided into two areas, the Under 2’s and the Over 2’s area, including a school ready programme. Each area is designed to meet the different development needs to each age group.

Kidstown uses Story Park to increase family involvement in each child’s learning, and to create accessible ePortfolio records that are easy for teachers and families to use to support development.

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