The homely environment is an exceptional place for your baby to thrive: look for the baskets of natural materials, listen to the staff reading and singing to your baby.

At Kidstown we place an emphasis on a child’s oral language development, consistently responding to the children and extending their language even when a child’s response is a simple one. We are constantly talking about what they and the other children are doing. This type of talking exposes children to language in general, involves them in learning conversation skills, and helps children acquire and use vocabulary that is important in their everyday lives.

Music and movement play a major role in our under 2’s programme. This helps our children to develop an ability to pay attention, to maintain concentration and to be involved. And by providing objects with different textures for our infants to explore, we are looking to promote their sensory development.

The children have a large grassed outdoor area to explore and nothing is better than a walk to the train station or the farm with our little ones. “Going outdoors in nature is the most information rich and stimulating environment children will encounter’” Stephen Kellore

Our stringent safety, security and cleanliness meet all ministry requirements, allowing you peace of mind.