Day to Day Info


A responsible adult, who is known to the Manager and staff must bring children into the Centre. Only authorized persons (as indicated on the enrolment form) will be allowed to collect children from the Centre. Please notify Kidstown in writing if any adult other than one known to the Centre will be collecting your child. Staff are always concerned about your child’s welfare, so if you are aware of any intending absence could you please inform the Manager/staff.

Sleep and Rest

All children will be offered the opportunity to sleep or just relax during the day. Babies will follow the sleep pattern they have established at home, and are given good quality separate cots that are named and used only by them. Linen is changed weekly unless required earlier. It is our policy not to wake children unless parents have requested otherwise.

Toddlers and preschoolers will be encouraged to sleep from 12:30pm For those children who do not need much sleep , quiet activities will be available for selection over this time.


All clothing, shoes, bottles, cuddly and bags must be clearly named. Please dress children in clothing that is suitable for playing in. Children, when exploring and learning, need not to have to worry about getting their clothes dirty or covered in paint.

A spare change should be packed every day. In winter, warm hat, gumboots and jacket are essential, and in summer sun hats for outdoor play are required.


During toilet training staff will endeavour to support efforts made at home. Please make sure you send plenty of changes of clothes during this time, as accidents are unavoidable. Parents must supply sufficient nappies for their child’s day. This may be anywhere from 4-8 nappies, as the Centre keeps only a limited supply. Nappies may be disposable or reusable cloth nappies.

Children will be encouraged to develop good habits through regular toileting before meals and rest times.

Behaviour Management

Our child behaviour management policy is based on the importance of respect and dignity for the child, acknowledging and accepting children’s feelings and encouraging these feelings to be expressed.
To establish good behaviour we take the following steps:

  • Setting and maintaining appropriate limits of behaviour
  • Verbal redirection
  • Explaining the appropriate uses of materials and equipment
  • Reinforcing positive behaviour with praise
  • Explaining why a behaviour is inappropriate or unacceptable and providing acceptable options
  • Offering children choices and encouraging decision making
  • Setting realistic expectations which are age and stage appropriate
  • By encouraging and modelling favourable behaviour for the children’s interactions with each other.

Excursions / Trips

  • Trips outside the Centre are a very important part of our programme. On a regular basis the children are taken for walks up Mount Wellington to extend their science, maths and physical activities. The children also regularly visit the local Bunnings store to purchase material they need for construction or nature play. Regular walks to the local train station is another popular local outing. All are within 100m of our centre and we encourage parents and caregivers to be part of our local outings.

  • Further afield we frequent the zoo, museum and observatory and Butterfly Creek. We also travel on the trains and we have visits from the local fire brigade. We will let you know when we plan these larger trips and welcome parent help on these outings.


  • We invite you to give us daily updates on your child to help us in caring for them during the day ahead. Prior to your child’s first day we require an individual routine form to be completed which will be made available to the appropriate staff to familiarise themselves with your child’s routines. A daily record of food, sleeping, and nappy changes is recorded for every child under 2.