Getting Started

Getting Started

We ask that children visit the Centre prior to attending. Kidstown will ensure that at least one staff member greets your child and creates a relationship with the family and the child. Younger children will be assigned a primary caregiver who helps build a relationship with the family. Detailed discussions on the child’s development behaviour, sleeping and eating requirements are held upon enrolment.

During this settling in time parents are encouraged to stay with their child to settle him or her into the Centre, and to demonstrate they feel happy and comfortable with their child’s environment.

Children are welcome to bring their own (named) ‘cuddly’ or blanket or special toy from home during this settling period. However, all care but no responsibility taken with these items.

Parent Involvement

We have an open door policy where parents/family whanau are welcome into the centre at any time. Parent participation sends strong positive messages to your child that you support them and are part of the child care environment. Our policy is that you and your child are to be happy and feel welcomed at our centre. Communication is a vital ingredient between educator, parents and child. We enjoy visits from grandparents, younger and older brothers and sisters and friends once your child has settled.