Health and Medical

Child Health

Please keep your child at home if they are unwell, as we do not have the specialised staff or space for sick children. If a child develops symptoms of illness while at the Centre, the child will be isolated and we will contact you. We expect you to pick them up within the hour.

All children are required to be immunized and you will be asked to bring your immunisation records for a copy to be taken on enrollment. For further information please ask for our Health Policies.


Please advise the staff if your child is taking any medication. All medication must be kept in the kitchen out of reach of children and you will need to fill outthe medicine book to give us approval before we can administer any medication to your child. Only medication that has a label stating your child’s name and is within the expiry date will be given.

Unless notified otherwise, Kidstown staff will use non-prescription medicines, saline washes, arnica cream, burn aid cream for the treatment of minor injuries. These specific treatments are listed on your child’s enrollment form.