Ko te whakatipuranga tēnei o te manu rangahu, me ngā mātauranga katoa e pā ana ki te aotūroa me te taiao – the child learns through active exploration of the environment. 

Our kaiako actively support our 2 year olds in a constant variety of activities: active/quiet, messy/clean, planned/spontaneous, small/large group and individual.  Through participation in these activities our toddlers are busy working out strategies and skills to learn and play with others.

Our tamariki love nothing better than a walk to the train station, Bunnings or to our maunga. Watching the trains come into the station, collecting plants to bring back to put in our garden or connecting with Papatūānuku on our maunga, are some of our favourite excursions in our local community. Natural heritage is at the heart of our children’s learning and links are made to our centre pepeha with regular walks in our local community and to our maunga. 

Kea flock (1.5 years – 2 years)

Our Kea flock is a wonderful age for imagination and wonder. Our children show huge amounts of curiosity, and our large grassed outdoor space provides a stimulating environment for exploration, and to make sense of the world around them in their own time.  Children’s sensory development is enhanced through a range of resources and experiences. Helping in the garden, and running on the grass in bare feet all strengthen their awareness of the world around them and their understanding of how it works. 

Our environment is rich in oral language, allowing our little minds to soak up new sounds, words and phrases. Music, nursery rhymes, te reo Maori, reading stories and socialising with each other all lays the foundations of their communication skills. 

Kiwi (2 – 3 years)

Our toddlers are busy working out strategies and skills to learn and play with others. This enables their social skills such as turn taking, sharing, working together and participating to be further developed through a myriad of hands on learning experiences. This also assists our tamariki in managing themselves and expressing their feelings and needs. Once again you will note a focus on developing oral language skills through dramatic play and teacher talk all lead by our highly qualified teachers, who are all great communicators. The development of their language skills is a focus right through the Centre.

Exploration | Children are critical thinkers, problem solvers and explorers. Mana aotūroa | Children see themselves as explorers, able to connect with and care for their own and wider worlds .

Communication | Children are strong and effective communicators. Mana reo | Through te reo Māori children’s identity, belonging and wellbeing are enhanced 

Contribution | Children learn with and alongside others. Mana tangata | Children have a strong sense of themselves as a link between past, present and future.

Well-being | Children have a sense of well-being and resilience. Mana atua | Children understand their own mana atuatanga – uniqueness and spiritual connectedness